Your order will processed the same day we receive it, it will be shipped straight away unless it requires bespoke design, in which case we hope to have proof to you within 24 hours and delivery will be between 7-14 days from approval. If purchasing from stock without personalised design delivery will be within a week.

What size are the scoreboards.

The compact Scoreboards which keep score up to three sets of tennis are 78.5 cm by 60 cm and only 1cm in thickness. The larger Tennis Scoreboards and Team play / multi sports scoreboards are 122 cm by 60 cm and again 1cm thick.

How far can you read the scoreboard?

They are readable from 50 metres or less. The numbers are 12 cm high and are black on a white background. They can be seen in bright sunlight and under floodlights.

How much do the Scoreboards weigh

The compact Tennis scoreboards weigh 3.3 kg and the large Tennis and Team play Scoreboards weigh 4.3 kg. They are easily carried and very portable if required.

What are the Scorers made of?

The scoreboards are constructed of 3 layers of white PVC. The numbers are printed on a plastic disc that rotates to show the score.

How do the scoreboards work?

The scoreboards have a space at the top to put your Court Name, Club, School or University. The Tennis Scoreboards illustrate the score in games for two players up to 7 and there are three sets. The Scores are marked Home and Visitor but you can personalise them to add your own names. The numbers are on a disc that rotates, showing the score in a window.

The Teamplay scoreboards are for two teams and can keep score from 0 to 99.

What colours are available for a customised look

They are made of white plastic. They can be customised with names or logos and so the colour scheme can be changed to suit your own requirements.

How long do the scoreboards last?

The scoreboards have a proven track record in France, where they have been on sale for over ten years and many of the original ones are in use. Subsequently they have a 5 year warranty.

Can the scoreboards be permanently outside?

The scorers are designed to be left outside year round if needed as the PVC is imperishable and weatherproof. The numbers are printed onto the plastic discs and will not fade.

Do they need power?

No electricity is required - the scores are changed manually by rotating the disc.

How do I maintain the scoreboard?

They can be wiped clean with a cloth and water.

How do the Scoreboards stand up?

They can be simply propped up against a wall or you can find some stands in the accessories pages.

Can I fix them to a wall?

For a permanent solution - yes the scoreboards can be fixed onto a wall with screws, or can be tied to court fencing using ties. For use on pitches outside they can be attached to posts.

Where are the boards manufactured?

They are made in France, over 10,000 have been sold.

You mention suitable for multi sports - which sports can they be used for?

There are compact boards and also large Tennis and Teamplay scorers, which can be used for any sports with two teams where the scores are between 0 and 99. This means that they can be used for many sports. The main users are Football, Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse, Netball and Basketball. They are very popular with Schools and Universities as they can be used for lots of different sports.

Can private individuals buy them?

They can be used at private homes and can be personalised

How do I customise my scoreboard?

During the online ordering process you can 'customise' your scoreboard, with your own text, font and colour. Alternatively you can upload your own design or logo.

Can Clubs buy them?

They can be purchased by anyone.

Can we fund our scoreboards with sponsorship?

If you already have a team sponsor they may be keen on putting on their name the scoreboards in return for buying them! Alternatively it would be easy to find a local company to do the same for such a great Marketing opportunity.

Can we put a logo on them?

We can arrange to do it or you could do your own -The Advertising Space on the large scorers is (height x length) 24 X 122 cms and the Advertising Space on the compact scorers is (height x length) 16.5 X 78 (cms).

How are they delivered

The scoreboards are quite bulky, but are wrapped securely and put in a custom made cardboard box. They are delivered by courier.

How long does delivery take

Dependent on your location and if they are to customised, between 7-14 working days is realistic.

What's included?

The scoreboards come in white with 'home' and 'visitor' labels and a plaque for writing names and ranking. There are various Extras available;

You can customise them with your own design or logo. You can order Extra plaques for writing names and rankings with a special chalk marker pen (extra) and there a couple of 'stand' options available.