Hockey Scoreboards

'You have to score to win!' Display the Score

Our Hockey Scoreboards are an ideal and cost effective way of keeping score in matches. Visible and easy to read, even under floodlights, the scoreboards can be easily fixed to the side of the hockey pitch or astro. Most Astros have wire netting around them and the scoreboards can be easily secured onto them. Place the scoreboard in the most appropriate position for players and spectators.

Indoor hockey is becoming increasingly popular, with clubs and schools fielding teams. The lightness of the scoreboards mean that they can be taken and used for indoor hockey matches as well, or secured directly to the wall in permanat postition (very useful for multi sports halls).

Hockey has it's origins back in the Middle Ages in England, Scotland and the Netherlands as well as references in India. Today participation is evenly split between men and women. In England for example, it was reported that there were approximately 2500 registered men's teams, 2000 women's teams, 1042 boys' teams and 1000 girls' teams.

Hockey pitches are 91.4 m x 55 m with goals at each end. Traditionally matches were played on grass, however in the 1970s synthetic grass pitches, or Astroturf began replacing grass pitches. The consistency of the surface meant a much quicker and consistent game and consequently almost all matches are now played on Astros. However this has meant the development of the game in less wealthy countries has faltered.

Score keeping in competitive hockey!

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Hockey scoreboards can be used in daylight and under flood lights, displayed on a stand or secured to the wire fense srrounding the pitch.

  • Professional scoreboard for indoor and outdoor hockey.
  • Sponsors names viewed many times during a match.
  • Scoreboards help create big-match occasions.
  • Available to tournament organisers.

Score keeping in competitive sport!

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Scoreboards for hockey

'Easy management and excellent visibility!'

Involve players by live scoring - involve the sponsors and supporters by tweeting the scoreboard results frequently during the game.

hockey skills

The aim of hockey is to score goals. There are eleven players on each side and they use standard size sticks, which can only be used on the 'face' side. Each team has a goalkeeper who wears added protection as the hard hockey ball could cause serious injuries if they tried to save shots without it! Most Hockey matches between evenly matched teams end in scores of under five goals each Nil-Nil draws are quite rare as most teams get as least a few scoring chances. If a defending team commits an infringement in their D (goal area) the attacking team is awarded a 'short corner' or penalty corner. The defending team lines up the goalkeeper and four defenders in the goal mouth. The attacking team 'inserts' the ball from the goal line - the ball has to go out of the D and then brought in again before a shot on goal can be made. At this point the other team members can make their way from the half way line back to the goal.

International hockey pitch

Pentalty corners

As most teams will get a few short corners each match it is an area that they practice every training session. Variations from just one player trapping the ball and shooting to more intricate moves can be used, the ball can either be shot or flicked. On this basis it is quite common for teams to score from penalty corners.

Show the score in Hockey matches, whether Indoor or Outdoor the scoreboards can be used in all weathers, under lights and can be seen even in bright sunshine.

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