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Lacrosse is acknowledged as an ancient game with roots back to 12th Century North America. It is first recognised as played by Native American Iroquois people in what is now New York and Pennsylvania. It is now played in many parts of the world including Europe, Australia, Asia and parts of Africa. However it is the USA and Canada where it is still a 'major' sport.

Lacrosse is played between two teams of 12 players. The ball is made of rubber and each player has a stick with a loose mesh 'head' designed to catch, cradle and throw the ball. The object of the game is to score a goal in the oppositions net. Mens lacrosse is full contact, they can body check and hit other sticks. Womens lacrosse is non contact, although you can try and get the ball by hitting your opponents stick. Consequently men wear full protection including padding, whilst women normally wear mouthguards and eye protectors. Goalkeepers wear more protection and carry larger sticks. The teams normally form into defence, midfield and attack, with each position having its own role. Lacrosse is normally played on grass, but more and more teams are switching to Astro. In the US and Canada 'Box Lacrosse' is becoming popular and is a short game played indoors on ice hockey pitches during their off season.

Score keeping in competitive Lacrosse!

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In the UK Lacrosse is predominantly played by Girls at school and by University teams. More and more men are starting to play at Universities as they see Lacrosse as a great sport. Post University there are many clubs and leagues. There are age grade European and World Cups and the Governing Body are keen to make it an Olympic Sport. The coverage would really grow participation as a worldwide audience would see what a fast moving and exciting game lacrosse is.

When evenly matched lacrosse teams play the scores normally go no higher than 12, with uneven teams 20 would be considered a high score. Our Lacrosse scoreboards are therefore ideal as they can be left outside by the pitch, can be seen across the pitch and are fully customisable.

  • All weather permanent / moveable Lacrosse scoreboard.
  • Sponsors / team branding viewed many times during a match.
  • Scoreboards help create big-match atmospheres.
  • Available to tournament organisers.
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Score keeping in competitive Lacrosse!

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