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Know the score with our waterproof and durable scoreboards. Designed so that they can be left outside or moved from pitch to pitch the scoreboards are an excellent addition to any Rugby Club. With a white background and black dials the score can be seem from most of the pitch and allow players to keep up with the score. Spectators will also be able to instantly know the state of play, especially if they have arrived late.

The scoreboards have black numerals on rotating dials, with two scores, so that whatever the score in the rugby match the scoreboard has the right combination to show the score. 1,2,3,4 or 5 points are awarded for scores and kicks in League and Union.

In Rugby Union three points are for a successful penalty kick through the posts, five points for try and two points for a conversion through the posts after a try. A Drop goal in open play is worth three points. In Rugby League a try is worth four points and it's conversion an additional two. Penalty kicks at goal are worth two points and a drop goal, or field goal is one. So there are many combinations available and it is rare for a team to remain without scoring any points. The average score is anywhere between 12 and 30 points. There are other extraneous factors that can affect the scoring, such as weather conditions. It is quite difficult to judge kicks at goal in windy conditions.

Score keeping in competitive rugby.

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Rugby is played all across the country, from schools to local clubs, and there is a thriving professional league. There is great development of the sport and both codes are enjoying a growth in participants. Rugby League is traditionally stronger in the North Of England, and Union is played across the UK.

The scoreboards can simply say Home and Away or you can personalise them with the club name and Visitor for example. This gives an impression that your Rugby club is well run and professional.

For Rugby Union and Rugby League clubs the scoreboards are a cost effective way of not only showing the score to all involved, but a way of promoting and branding the team and club. They are well made, with minimal maintenance and are a great additional for any Rugby club.

  • Professional sports teams scoreboard.
  • Supporters look the scoreboard hundreds of times in a game
  • Scoreboards create big-match atmospheres.
  • Showcase sponsors names and team names.
  • Available to tournament organisers.
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Score keeping in competitive sport!

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'High quality and excellent visibility!'

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Cost effective scoreboards.

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