Sponsorship for Scoreboards

Scoreboard for private tennis courts can choose between a standard one or they can be personalised with their name, their House name or 'Centre Court' using the online design function.
Schools and Clubs can use this widget to upload their own logo or crest so that the printed sticker can be applied to 'professionalise' and 'personalise' the Scorers.

In the case of a School, College or University it may be possible to subsidise the purchase of the scoreboard by fundraising , by either using the PTA, some entrepreneurial students or other methods.

Many Clubs and Schools effectively get their scoreboards free of charge via Sponsorship. Every size scoreboard has a clear space to place a sticker with a message - The Advertising Space on the large scorers is (height x length) 24 X 122 cms and on the compact scorers is (height x length) 16.5 X 78 (cms). An sponsor could buy the space for their branding and present it to the School or club . Many Clubs, Colleges, Universities and Schools have relationships with Sports Clothes suppliers and they may be open to the idea of expanding their branding to include pitchside scoreboards.

You could go one stage further and after buying a scoreboard, try to sell advertising space and get sponsorship from companies. Scoreboards can be monetised and actually generate funds for your teams. Local businesses, some run by players or parents who would welcome the opportunity to reach some potential clients! By adding a Company logo to the scoreboard. It has is a cost effective way of promoting your brand over a set period. The branding stickers can be replaced as required, but do have an outdoor life of 7 years.

There may be other advertising around or near your pitch or court, however spectators look at the scoreboard on numerous occasions during a match, and also view the scoreboard branding. The scoreboards have a long life cycle, so a small Investment by the sponsor may mean great exposure of their name over a long period.

The potential audience is dependent on the size of the club and the number of teams. Ideally you would want all pitches to have scoreboards as part of any sponsorship deal, not just the well attended First team. Some matches will be watched by hundreds others by a few hardy supporters. The scoreboard are portable, so they can be used for a variety of teams and venues, from Football, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis or lacrosse pitches to indoor matches of netball, basketball or soccer.

However with the use of social media the audience can be widened beyond just those watching the matches. Scores can be tweeted posted on Facebook and Instagram and put on the club website using the scoreboards as backdrops. Again depending on the size of you club and the size of your online followers you will be able to negotiate a decent sponsorship deal for your scoreboards.

Scoreboard sponsorship can reach a targeted market of AB parents, club members and alumni. This marketing campaign can tie-in with local, regional or national advertising campaigns that are already in place. By supporting a local School, Club or team it can strengthen customer loyalty within the local community.

If you are a Company looking for a cost effective marketing and sponsorship package reaching out to your potential customers we would love to discuss what we can offer. Please Contact Us we would love to discuss soem tie-ups with you.