Scoreboards for sport

Compact tennis scorers

Tennis scorer

Tennis scorer

Standard single sided scoreboard with Tennisscorer branding.  For all courts with scoring on on..
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Large tennis scorers

Tennisscorer large

Tennisscorer large

Large single sided scoreboard with Tennisscorer branding.  For all tennis courts - popular with..
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Multi sport scoreboards


Wet chalk marker pen

Wet chalk marker pen

Wet chalk marker pen so you can write the name of players or teams on the tournament plaques, and ra..
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Tripod stand

Tripod stand

Indoor tripod scoreboard standEasy to stand your scoreboard on the side of an indoor court.Tripod st..
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All weather - sports scoreboards

The Scoreboards are made of PVC so they can stay outside on the courts / pitches throughout the year, whatever the weather.

The are always ready for use and require no maintenance. The scoreboards were first developed in France in 1990's - they are a well proven patented system, and the original models are still in use so many years later!

In tennis - the players operate the score at each change of end. In team sports, the substitutes or a dedicated scorer can be involved and in charge of the scoreboard - keeping spectators and players up to date. The players can take pride in a scoreboard with their team, school or club name and logo displayed and many great 'selfies' can be taken to capture those famous victories - which also make great tweets!

Designed by a tennis player, François Donney who is also a club's member, they offer a scoring solution for private courts, clubs, schools, University and tournaments, answering the two most asked sideline questions:

'What are the rankings of players?''What is the score?'

Aware of the financial issues of sports institutions and clubs, the scoreboards have been designed with a publicity space for advertisement placement. They can therefore be financed by a sponsor of the club, who can display their logo / name in a prominent position. This first class advertising opportunity, is also great for schools, colleges and Universities and club names - players (Home and Away) and spectators look repeatedly at the scoreboard during a match,and will remember the sponsors name.

Used during a tournament, using the plaque, the boards display the name and ranking of the 2 players, on the scorekeeper. Its is simple to write on them with chalk or a wet chalk marker (optional accessory). For tournaments it is ideal to have 2 plaques for one so each new couple take their names with their tin of balls to the court, and return them at the end of their match ready to be used again. Many clubs use this simple system to run an efficient tournament.

Scoreboard fixing and positioning

Outdoor scoreboard

Outside use
Ryslan style fixings are included with all scoreboards - and the boards have pre drilled holes - installation on a fence takes only a few minutes, and no special skill or tool is required.

The scoreboard are made of a very hard wearing and durable PVC and are built to last the dials will continue to work and some scoreboards that were supplied in 2002 are still in use! The vinyl stickers used to personalise the scoreboards is expected to last for at least 7 years, and can be changed as sponsors change - this is a great way to increase club funds.

The scoreboards can be erected pitch side permanently by use of posts. These can be wooden, recycled plastic or galvanised steel. Once the posts are in place the scoreboards can be fixed with screws or ties. Some pitches or stadiums already have a suitable fixture point, but the important point is to place them where they can be seen by the officials, the players and the spectators. The score can be seen clearly from about 50 metres away, showing the score, the logos or the sponsors branding.

The scoreboards are highly visible in bright sunlight and under stadium lighting.

Inside Use
The scoreboard can be fixed permanently if it is going to be used inside for sports such as netball, basketball, football or tennis.
They can be tied to a suitable surface using cable ties, or they can be fixed onto a wall by using raw plugs and screws.

If you wish the scoreboard to be more portable or if you want to use it for another venue then they can easily be placed somewhere in the arena for players and spectators to see. The largest scoreboards only weigh 3kg so they are relatively light, albeit made of really durable plastic. The scoreboards can be put on tables, leant against a vertical surface or you can buy a small tripod.

indoor scoreboard