Sport scorer with your name on - double sided

  • Price: £260.00

Rugby, lacrosse, football, netball - multi sport scorer, for indoor and out door use.

Price includes customisation - adding your name / logo in the publicity space.

 Double sided - view the score form both sides - ideal if the pitch is in a fence cage.
Easy to install and easy to use Scoreboard. 
Multi sport compatible - hockey, rugby, football (soccer), lacrosse, netball ++ compatible for many team Sports.
100 % white PVC, totally weatherproof Scoreboards that can remain outside all year.
Large customizable publicity / advertising area (order customisation as extra).
No noise - no electrics, no maintenance.
Numbers are printed on rotating discs that are incorporated inside the design unit and turn with ease.  
Easy to view from anywhere on the pitch - 50 meters distance. 
Can be see in direct sunlight and under floodlights. 
Fastening device for mesh fence - RILSAN type or secure fixing to wall / posts.
Double sided scoreboard shows the score on both sides -  perfect for pitches that are fenced in by a cage.

Technical Detail:
Scorer Model registered INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property).
Scoreboard dimensions (height x length) 60 X 122 cm
Advertising Space (height x length) 24 X 122 cm
Width - 1 cm
Digit height: 12 cm , thickness: 2,5 cm - viewable from both sides on double sided model.
Material 100% white PVC 
Weatherproof - will not rot
Rotating number discs from 00 to 99
Weight of one board 4.8 Kg (double sided)

5 years warranty. 
Delivery worldwide.

Customization options available (order customisation as extra).
Advertising opportunity, using the publicity space, finance a scoreboard with a sponsors OR promote your own club / brand. 
Spectators and players look a a scoreboard many times during a match. 
Effective frequency of viewing the publicity space over a season is very attractive.
Branded with high quality stickers - 7 year outdoor use guaranteed, (popular so clubs can change it if they find a new sponsor). 
Or for a greater cost graphics can also be printed directly on the board.   
This double sided model has a publicity space on both sides.