Double sided tennis scorer

  • Price: £160.00

Standard double sided scoreboard with Tennisscorer branding.  

See the score from both sides - perfect for courts in a fence cage, easily visible for spectators and players.
Easy to install and easy to use Tennis Scoreboard. 
100 % white PVC, totally weatherproof Scorer that can remain outside all year.
Silent - No noise even in wind - No electrics, No maintenance.
Numbers are printed on rotating discs that are incorporated inside the design unit and turn with ease. 
The score is simultaneouly displayed on both sides of the doubled sided scorer.   
Easy to view from anywhere around the court - 50 meters distance.
Can be see in direct sunlight and under floodlights.  
Fastening device for mesh fence - RILSAN type or secure fixing to wall / posts.
Compact Tennis scorer is easily transportable - a perfect option if a permanent position can not be secured at the court side, or for travelling tournament organisers.
Double sided scorers detail the score on both sides - useful in many club situations.

Technical Detail:
Scorer Model registered INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property).
Scoreboard dimensions (height x length) 60 X 78 (cms)
Advertising Space (height x length) 16.5 X 78 (cms)
Width - 1 cm
Digit height: 12 cms , thickness: 2,5 cms - viewable from both sides on double sided model
Material 100% white PVC 
Weatherproof - will not rot
Rotating number discs from 0 to 7
Weight of one board 3.5 kg (double sided)

 5 years warranty.  
Delivery worldwide.
Double sided scorers - have graphics on both sides.